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Amy, the new soundtrack

A few days ago, in the interview on Ultima Hora, it was revealed that Rubén will be the film composer of the original soundtrack of Amy, a horror filme.

Written and directed by Ismael Luna, it tells the story of Amy (Aina Zuazaga), a common car, a 1990 Nissan 300zx that Alan (Guiem Juaneda) cares for devotedly as you care for someone with whom you share your feelings and concerns.

But this relationship may turn against them when Amy discovers that Alan has a date with a girl he met on a dating app.

Jealousy and lies will turn the trip into a real nightmare if Amy unleashes her anger....

The film, which was shot in Mallorca in late summer, is now in its post-production phase. Within this meticulous work in its different areas, it aims to achieve the cinematographic finish that it deserves, where the score, which will be in charge of Rubén, is located.

That is why until December 14, the crowdfunding campaign will be active for anyone who wants to be part of the project and join this story.

So far, Ruben has made the first viewing of the film and he told us it's a big prohect for their carrer due to the magnitude and the musical setting that it requires because of its influence in the horror films of the 90s.

Here you have the link of the crowdfunding.


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