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Shooting of Primavera Esvaïda ends

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Just a few hours ago, the filming of Primavera Esvaïda, the new short film directed by Josep Alorda and which will feature the Soundtrack by Rubén Gallardo, was finished.

And it is that last Saturday, the news regarding this new job, written by Adrián Malagamba, appeared in the newspaper Ultima Hora:

"This new project very closely the consequences of a disease with a very marked reality and that affects family members; and that is why the Soundtrack has to highlight it in a very subtle way. A 'score' that,nothing to do with the others, it makes it a very different musical work that I have been able to work on before. "

Primavera Esvaïda, nIt is not the typical project, said the director Josep Alorda, who has worked in a very meticulous way throughout the pre-production of this project, carrying out a work starting from a very different vision and reflecting the cinematographic language of the filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu,the one that the Soundtrack will also follow the same guidelines and that will come out of the 'conventional score':

"This is a project in which everything is based on a very thoughtful, highly <agreed> cinematographic language. The message of a Soundtrack is always to enhance its characters and be the common thread of its story. However, for this project , new rules have been established, which are about facing a new musical point of view and that go in the opposite direction that are not predictable for the viewer / listener ".

At the moment the composer has not revealed more information about his new work, but he assures that he already has the first brushstrokes of the score, on top of the actors' own script.

Here you have some images from the filming of Primavera Esvaïda:


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