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Home Studio Interview

Este pasado fin de semana visitamos el estudio de Rubén en el que pudimos conocer de cerca los proyectos en los que se encuentra actualmente trabajando y como enfoca su carrera para este nuevo año.

"A personal challenge". This is how the composer defines this new year after the premiere of "Los Fantasmas de mi Casa".

"Last year I had the opportunity to get to know what I was capable of creating in musical genres that I had never proposed before. I learned to believe much more in myself and make my professional expectations give a rewarding and completely enriching result. Everything This meant that this year I could face larger projects and that I can contribute the best of myself in each project."

After the premiere of Los Fantasmas de mi Casa, how has your life changed?

"The musical of Los Fantasmas was one of the biggest projects I have faced. I remember feeling frustrated in the first melodies in front of the piano. A project of this magnitude required that the music could perfectly capture the story, its characters and that, in addition, they could perform and choreograph on stage, live, without a post-production process, a responsibility in which I had to train and acquire knowledge in styles that I never thought I would be able to compose, such as jazz. Knowing how difficult this was for me, I didn't hesitate to approach the project with courage and optimism and manage to write music that was capable of living up to the great musicals."

You got it?

"Let's say that people came out wanting to dance (hahaha). In truth, the whole show is wonderful. A great job, with a great effort by the entire team that we have made so that we can live up to many others. I think we all feel especially grateful and satisfied, and I feel in a cloud every time I talk about this project."

Has a new door opened for you?

"Yes. Writing music for the big screen is something that I am passionate about and fills me with satisfaction. As you know, I am a great defender of the role that music plays in cinema. If the soul of every cinematographic story is its music.. .imagine yourself in a musical!

In the musical, the composition has not only been your facet, right?

"Much of this project has been his musical creation, both instrumentally and interpretively. But being able to direct a group of people for a stage, it's been wonderful. In general, I am used to directing musicians and singers for concerts and/or recordings, that after some rehearsals, the event or recording is made and after reading the score, the curtain is lowered. However, here, the process has been totally different, making me fascinated and, without a doubt, opening my way to another factor that I could choose in the future."

Is there a forecast to enjoy "The Ghosts" live again?

"Yes! We are currently preparing the tour of performances, among which there are already several confirmed dates. The entire team, technicians and directors are eager to return to the studio and resume rehearsals. It is wonderful."

Leaving aside the musical, have you been able to dedicate time to the cinema?

"Yes. After the premiere in January of this one, I have made the composition of 2 Soundtracks and I am currently in the post-production of a film."

Two Soundtracks and a post-production... Are you some kind of robot?

"(Hahaha) I usually ask myself that question. In truth, the most important thing is organization and being very concise when working. Having a good agenda and meeting deadlines is paramount in this job, especially all because projects appear overnight and you have to act fast to keep up with the biggest ones."

In technical terms, it is clear that "guidelines" are usually followed, but... when it comes to music creation, the process depends on inspiration. How do you deal with it?

"It is true that they are two very different ways of working. The recording of a project or the entire post-production process have nothing to do with it. One is very gridded and the other depends on inspiration. Normally, when facing a project in which my work is as a composer, I always try to understand the point of view of the director to know how to carry out my work. A prior study of it and knowing the story you are going to interpret is something that has that mark your creative process a lot and then, in my case, I let myself go between the screen and the melody inside me."

Can you tell us about any projects from this year?

"I can say that this year is very important for me and for my professional career. It marks a before and after in my career, which began with the premiere of "Los Fantasmas" and which will end, if all goes well, for all out with another great premiere."

In this new year, where can we see or hear you?

"I really want to return to the big screen. This year, one of the most personal and ambitious projects of my entire career will be released and that moment will be very special. Even so, the stage will not be far from seeing me ."

You talk about the big screen. Premieres and stage. Is it that we can see you perform?

"I've been working on a project for a few years that I can't give more details about at the moment, but I'm preparing with great enthusiasm and I think it will surprise many people."

Could you give us some scoop on the new projects?

"I can say that shortly, there will be a new launch of "something", and that it will be the beginning of everything that this year is about to happen."

As always, we appreciate your time for hosting us and we will be very attentive to all your progress. Thanks!

"Many thanks to you for your work and for always being there. It's always a pleasure. A big greeting."

We arrived at the studio excited and after spending a few hours with him and chatting, we could see how Rubén lives music in his eyes. The way in which he expresses his feeling for his passion and his work, makes you want to know more and more, and believe us when we tell you that we know more, because we were able to listen to some pieces of these projects and we can tell you what you are going to hallucinate. .

Until then, we hope you have enjoyed this little visit with the composer and stay tuned for news, new fronts are coming...


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