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Premis Enderrock Balear 2021

Today we have received the great news that our composer has received two nominations in the prestigious Premis Enderrock Balear 2021!!!!

The soundtracks of "El Viaje de Nuestras Vidas" and "La Leyenda de Oriol" have been chosen to be part of this new edition, which will take place on November 25th in Palma de Mallorca.

Since yesterday, Thursday, October 07, the popular vote is available for everyone to vote for their favorite albums and artists.

That is why now, we ask you to help our composer to get the Palmarés de los Premis Enderrock Balear and thus be able to continue growing in his career!

In the category of "Millor Disc de clàssica": you have to select one of the two soundtracks, El Viaje de Nuestras Vidas or La Leyenda de Oriol.

In the "Altres Categories" Category, you have to write the following:

Best song: Siempre Estaremos Unidos - de Rubén Gallardo

New Artist: Rubén Gallardo

Best Artist: Rubén Gallardo

Here you have the link

We thank you for your collaboration and support to our composer. Thanks to this, not only it will be a big step in his career, but also, he will continue exciting us and betting for the genre of the Soundtracks.

From here we send our most sincere congratulations to him!!!!


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