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Premis Enderrock Balear 2022

And as we announced last Thursday, we have many surprises prepared and here we leave you the first...

Our composer has been nominated with a double nomination for "Best Classical Music Album" for the Soundtracks of "Primavera Esvaïda" and "Ruta" at the V Premis Enderrock Balear!

A new awards ceremony that will be held on November 2 by popular vote of the public that awards recognition to artists, composers and musical works from all over the Balearic scene.

These new nominations add the composer a total of 14 nominations, this being his third edition nominated for these awards.

Voting is public and can be accessed from this link where you can vote for any of the two nominated Soundtracks in the "Best Classical Album" category.

About the Soundtracks:

The Soundtracks of "Primavera Esvaïda" and "Ruta" were composed last year 2021, with a double premiere on the same day at the renowned Atlàntida FilmFestival and with its launch the same year on digital platforms. Both works, of very different genres, collect fragments of the story, both dramas, in which Rubén perfectly accompanied his unspoken scenes. With a symphonic orchestra on both works, we discovered a new way of composing this one and its indisputable signature very well adapted to these works.

Primavera Esvaïda

Primavera Esvaïda talks about the story of Sebastiana (Laura Pons), a 90-year-old woman who suffers from senile dementia. The consequences and the illness make both the protagonist and her family suffer, sharing her loneliness, the lack of memories and the moments lived, leading her to constantly relive the losses of her mother and her husband.

Being one of the most "classic" projects according to its composer, it obtained references from composers such as John Barry or Bill Conti, distancing itself a little more from the contemporary and focusing on classic melodies typical of the previous cinematographic musical era.


Ruta tells the story of how the protagonist embarks on a journey into the unknown, carrying out a retrospective inspection telling a close story and that until the end, an uncertainty is maintained to know the final message of this story.

About the Soundtrack, we talk about one of the works with more sweetness and tenderness with which Rubén composed his songs. Taking into account that it was a story in which there were hardly any dialogues and the story that it had to tell, the challenge of describing past and present with music, was a meticulous work in which it should be noted that beyond the palette of orchestral color, fused electronic sounds and settings, creating an atmospheric environment that linked the history of before and now.

Again, we feel proud and happy for this great news. We wish Rubén the best and of course, we not only encourage you to listen to these works, but to cast your vote!

From here we send our congratulations to the composer!


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