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Primavera Esvaïda, Soundtrack release

Today we announce with great pleasure, that on November 12, 2021, the release of the Original Soundtrack, Primavera Esvaïda!!!!

"Primavera Esvaïda is one of those stories that make you remember your loved ones. They are real stories, with complicated situations that make your heart skip a beat. Being a full-blown drama, both the director and I wanted to do something different with the music: not to follow the story. Therefore, the music is a link between the scenes and the moments that the family lives together with Sebastiana".

This new soundtrack is one of the most "classic" projects, according to the composer, because his references have gone beyond the contemporary and he has focused on portraying classical melodies typical of symphonic orchestrations in the golden age of cinema, the majesty of its music and its beauty.

"Composing the music for Primavera Esvaïda was a challenge because it was the first time I was commissioned to compose without following the image, without a script, without musical guidelines. The only thing I had in mind was the synchronization of time in the image and that the music was the connection between the scenes where the characters appeared. Even though it was something atypical in films, I integrated in a meticulous and subtle way the late motiv, accompanying the protagonist and reflecting the drama that Sebastiana (protagonist) lives together with her family, but in an elegant way".

The album has an additional piano track, an instrument very marked by Rubén, and that we will be able to enjoy along with the rest of the songs in its worldwide release on all digital platforms from November 12.


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