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Primavera Esvaïda, the new Soundtrack

And the composer never ceases to surprise us, because a few weeks ago, Rubén finished recording the soundtrack for the film Primavera Esvaïda, directed by Josep Alordà.

Yes, another new soundtrack that arrives for its upcoming premiere, as it will be released tomorrow, Wednesday July 28th, at the eleventh edition of the international festival Atlàntida Film Fest.

Directed by Josep Alordà and produced by Born Films, it tells the story of Sebastiana, a 90-year-old woman suffering from senile dementia. The disease and its consequences make the protagonist and her family suffer. Sebastiana is the last of her generation, feeling tremendously lonely and, due to her lack of memory, she constantly relives her closest relatives, her mother and her husband, who died some time ago.

"Primavera Esvaïda is one of those stories that make you remember your loved ones. They are real stories, with complicated situations that make your heart skip a beat. Being a full-fledged drama, both the director and I wanted to do something different with the music: not to follow the story. Therefore, the music is a link between the scenes and the moments that the family lives together with Sebastiana", says Rubén.

The soundtrack has been performed by a symphony orchestra in all its splendor.

A total of 82 musicians make up the film's score, integrating perfectly for each link between scenes.

Although Rubén usually reveals more information when the BSO is released, this time we were able to talk to the director, Josep Alordà about the music and its composer:

What does the BSO of 'Primavera Esvaïda' mean to you?

"The BSO was a challenge for this short film, but we did it. Rubén made a BSO that goes along with the project one

project one hundred percent. Regardless of its quality and talent, 'Primavera Esvaïda' needed a BSO with a non-descriptive use that transmits peace and everydayness, that is familiar and natural. This is what the peculiar cinematographic language demands. Therefore, we were very clear that in 'Primavera Esvaïda' we would not use sad music when the scene was dramatic or happy music when the scene was comic. However, at the same time, Rubén's compositions had to enhance the poetic universe and embellish the shots that unite the sequences. And that is what he did. In this way, the BSO helps reflection and is capable of touching the viewer's heartstrings. In short, the BSO is very 'Ozuian' which is what I was looking for and needed. "

On the other hand, Josep, what do you think of having worked with Rubén?

"It has been a pleasure. I went to him because I knew his work and his professionalism. From the first moment he was very receptive to the proposal despite its complexity. You could tell he was interested in the project. But not everything was rosy; because I had never asked for a "music" and I do not stand out for my musical knowledge. Therefore, I had a hard time communicating what I really wanted, I just knew that I wanted a non-descriptive BSO. That problem bogged down the creative process of the music a bit, but I was in good hands. So Rubén started composing without looking at the image; something a composer doesn't usually do. This fact made the BSO fit with the language of the short film. As soon as we put the demo in sync with the short film I was in high spirits! We had little room for maneuver (we shot in April, we premiered in July) and the result with just the demo was already very satisfactory. So we've set the bar pretty high for the next work. However, we will certainly do more projects together soon".

In the cast of the film, we find Laura Pons as Sebastiana along with Eva Barceló, Marc Joy and Carlos M. Magnusson who give life to the family of the protagonist.

We can only say that we are anxious to see and listen to this new work that has been prepared in every detail with great dedication. We emphasize that the same day of the premiere of "Primavera Esvaïda", the film "Ruta" by Luciano Scalzone will also be released, in which Rubén also signs the soundtrack.


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