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Rubén presents his new work: Spring

Rubén returns this 2023 with projects, launches and surprises. After making his creation and touring with the musical "Los Fantasmas de mi Casa" and a break on the big screen, Rubén back this year with new projects and releases that he has been preparing all winter.

Among them, we can already reveal one of his first works: Spring (spring), a film directed by Andreas Goralczyk and produced by Blender Studio.

This is Rubén's first animation, who has been working for two months on this colorful short film, in which music is his language.

"Spring is about an animation without dialogues. This is based on sounds, colors and effects. For this reason, the Soundtrack has to be the language; the dialogue between the characters and their story and that makes a link with the viewer. "

Made by Blender Studio, this short film comes with the purpose that composers from all over the world can work on it, contributing different types of music and genres.

"This kind of projects are undoubtedly a challenge and an opportunity; the challenge of composing something without instructions makes you contribute your point of view (from the music) and you can create what you feel giving your best. That's it Where is the opportunity?

Rubén is currently in the last arrangements of the orchestra for its recording and release.

"After two months of meticulous work, I am finalizing some brushstrokes in the orchestration. Animation is one of the most complicated projects to create, since you have to express each movement and each scene with great determination. In this type of genre, It is important to highlight everything that happens and in this case, by not having dialogues, the music takes on all the importance of expressing everything exactly."

Is there a set date?

"My idea is to be able to have all the production finished and post-launch for this spring. What better release date than in "Spring"? Hahahaha"

Are there any other projects you are working on?

"Currently yes. There is another short film that has already been recorded. Once "Spring" is finished, I will enter the post-production phase, this being, along with other projects, the upcoming releases in the following months starting in spring."

We are eager to continue discovering more about this new work and therefore, we will keep you informed of everything!


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