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Ruta, the new Soundtrack

Some time ago we had talked about Rubén being immersed in several musical projects, although some of them remained secret.

But finally, here we have one of the composer's new Soundtracks, Ruta!

The soundtrack was composed in May, under a fusion between ambience, effects and a symphonic orchestra, typical of the composer.

Ruta, directed by Lucianzo Scalzone and performed by Seve Garcia, Rafel Ramis and Falvio Scalzone, tells the story of how the protagonist, embarks on a journey into the unknown, performing a retro inspection telling a close story and that until the end, there is uncertainty to know the final message of this story.

In relation to the soundtrack, Rubén has confirmed that it is not only the soul and the main thread of the film, but also the dialogues, as there are hardly any dialogues:

"Ruta's score has been created with a lot of precision in terms of what we wanted to convey with its story. The dialogues are counted and it's a long journey along with flashbacks, making all the images not come to life until the end; the music, in that sense, accompanies the story in the same way. Ambiences, effects and silences are the ones that keep us awake to its story until finally all the themes are united in its late motiv performed by the symphony orchestra in all its splendor".

A new feature that has surprised us is that the composer himself has not only signed his music, but has also been in charge of the editing and sound post production of Ruta; thanks to this, horizons open up towards a project that Rubén has been working on for a long time and that will offer a wider service in the whole sound field of audiovisual productions.

It should be noted that Rubén was previously in charge of signing the soundtrack for the film La Leyenda de Oriol, by Rubén Jiménez Sanz, whose grammatical strength weighed on its music due to its limited dialogues.

The film will premiere next week (along with the premiere of Primavera Esvaïda, by Josep Alordà, whose soundtrack has also been signed by the composer) within the new edition of the international festival Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest, at Cine Ciutat.

Tickets are now available at the following link.


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