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Spring, Soundtrack release!

The wait has been long, but the moment has finally arrived. This Thursday, May 16th, Ruben's followers and music lovers will be able to enjoy the original soundtrack of "Spring".

"Spring" is more than just a simple animation; it's a sensory experience that combines sounds, colors, and effects to tell a story without the need for dialogue. The music, carefully selected to be the universal language of this entertaining film, establishes a bridge between the characters and the viewer, taking the narrative to new emotional heights".

This exciting story produced by Blender Studios is an opportunity for composers from around the world to reinterpret its musical history under their own criteria. With a "mute" animation that relies on sounds and effects to tell its story, "Spring" challenges traditional genre conventions by foregoing dialogue between its characters. Music becomes vital as the emotional thread that connects each scene and moment with precision and beauty, becoming an essential element to enhance the cinematic experience and immerse the viewer in its stories.

For this reason, Ruben has dedicated months of meticulous work to ensure that each note and chord faithfully reflects the essence and rhythm of the animation. From the softest and most contemplative moments to the most exciting action sequences.

The release of the soundtrack arrives this Thursday, May 16th, marking an important milestone in Ruben's career and representing a new turning point due to the depth and quality of this project and its music.

"From the beginning, creating the soundtrack was something complex. To understand the story and everything that happened in it, I had to become part of its characters. Getting to know them and empathize with them to express not only what they felt but their essence. Being a short film, the entire story unfolds in a few minutes and the music has to be there to tell it. In a few seconds, we are presented with softer and more contemplative sequences, and in a brief change, more exciting action sequences. And these changes posed a great challenge for me.

The final soundtrack is something I am deeply proud of. This project has led me to explore new musical horizons and experiment with instruments I had never used before. The combination of the orchestra and synthesizers brings the whole story to life, while the incorporation of ethnic instruments like the Duduk, an Armenian wind instrument, and the Hangdrum, a Swiss percussive instrument, adds a touch of magic that enriches the auditory experience and transports listeners to the fascinating world of Spring.

I hope this soundtrack fascinates listeners to that fantastic world created by Blender and that they experience that excitement and adventure, enjoying listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it".

The soundtrack will be available on all digital platforms, promising to transport listeners to the genre in which Ruben debuts. After months of hard work and exciting anticipation, Ruben is preparing to present his new soundtrack. Inspired by his passion for music and creativity, Ruben has dedicated his talent to "Spring", his first animated short film full of color and emotion.

We are excited to hear this new musical work!


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