Rubén Gallardo, it's a soundtracks composer, musician and music producer, was born in Mallorca (Balearic Islands) in 1992, entering on the world of music at a very young age.

At the age of ten, Rubén already knew how to play several instruments, including piano, flute guitar and drums.

From the age of 15, he began to be part of musical groups included in several styles and in which thanks to these, he began to make contacts within the musical sector in Mallorca.

Self-taught and by 'curiosity', he began in musical composition, making his first compositions for the symphonic group that formed with his friends 'Siverius'.

During the following years, he trained as a sound technician and graduated as a music producer, beginning to create his own productions.

After finishing his studies, Rubén became part of the leading guitarist of the Mallorcan singer-songwriter Sara Reus (current producer of the singer). With the launch of the first CD of the singer-songwriter, they would start a tour in 2015 throughout the Balearic panorama and some points of the peninsula.

At the end of the tour, Rubén meets Marcos Callejo (Mallorcan filmmaker), who gives him the opportunity to make the soundtrack of the feature film Zerø. The following year, the composer begins to compose this Soundtrack, forcing the composer to enter the world of Soundtracks, arousing great interest.

Half a year later, the film premieres within the framework of the International Films In Fest Festival (2017), giving the young composer the award for 'Best Soundtrack'.

This, aroused the interest of several directors, including the filmmaker Antoni Caimari, who commissioned him to make the Soundtrack of the short film of 'Ma Belle' (2017), starring Macarena Gómez. From there, Rubén discovers his new vocation in the audiovisual sector and begins to form self-taught in composition for audiovisual media.

After finishing the Soundtrack of 'MaBelle' and making some commissions for advertising spots, Rubén embarks on the composition of his instrumental project 'Luna', merging ethnic music along with music from soundtracks. The album, released in the summer of 2018, leads to several media beginning to arouse interest in the young composer, conducting interviews and explaining the creative process of 'Luna' and his previous works. After the release, Rubén states that 'Luna' belongs to a musical trilogy with a creative process of 7 years from its first release until the last one.

That same year, Rubén made the composition of the feature film Return, starring José Torresma, premiered at Atlántida Film Fest with a great impact on the Balearic media. The Soundtrack, is launched in November 2018 organized by the Association of Friends of the Balearic Soundtracks (ABABS) and 39Escalons Cinema Club, with a presentation of almost two hours, where the composer, together with the director, Marcos Callejo, they explained the composition process and the secrets that said Soundtrack hides. That same day, Rubén receives recognition from ABABS and 30Escalons for his work for Return.

Thanks to the recognition and his new work in Return, Rubén receives several musical commissions for short films and advertising spots.

From the year 2019, Rubén enters fully into the musical production, performing several singles and collaborations for several singers and groups at regional and peninsular level.

Currently the composer is immersed in his studio working on the production of the second studio album by singer-songwriter Sara Reus, along with several audiovisual projects and musical projects that will be released between 2020/2021.