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From Madrid, "Los Fantasmas de mi Casa" arrive at the Trui Teatre

From Madrid, "Los Fantasmas de mi Casa" arrive at the Trui Teatre, this is how our composer expresses it with this headline after its premiere this past weekend.

"For the part that touches me, it is always appreciated that they value one's work and, above all, that my music manages to move and reach the heart of each person. In this case, it was quite a challenge to go from composing , from the big screen to a live musical. From composing a soundtrack with symphonic orchestrations to composing genres that I had never even imagined I would be capable of creating. no, my typical orchestrations with my signature could not be missing. The result? Feeling happy, proud and grateful".

This is one of the comments that Rubén expresses in one of the publications made on his Instagram profile.

After spending the weekend at the Trui Teatre, we get very positive opinions from each and every one of the musical disciplines. The magic of the costumes, the lighting, the scenery made the entire cast shine along with the songs of our composer, achieving success this weekend, in which the entire public was moved, taking a pleasant surprise after seeing said show.

Although we are making a new news in which Rubén explains in more detail the entire creative process and the musical direction of the project, we wanted to ask him how he feels at the moment:

"In a cloud. I feel happy and proud, satisfied and excited, not only for the comments and opinions of the public, but for having seen the entire project as a whole on stage at the same time. Each project I do is always special and each one brings you things that the other does not. Each story, each character makes you have to work, investigate and be part of all of it, otherwise nothing would make sense in music. This project has been a challenge because It was not a story to tell and move through a screen, but it was live and direct. The challenge of creating a musical work that perfectly accompanies each character, with each scene has been something exciting and without I would doubtless be delighted to repeat".

And it is that in addition to the composition, Rubén has been the Musical Director of said work:

"In general, my way of working is meticulous and strict. Once I have written all the music for a project at home, I go to the studio and work on the arrangements. Color and shape are fundamental to later create experiences for the listener and after this, I'm going to record with the technical team and musicians. This time it was about working with singers and getting them to shine with the music. Not only has it been a challenge in terms of music, but each artist I managed to reach the height of each note, the group harmonies and above all, the emotion and the necessary strength to reach the spectators.In a recording for the Cinema, if there is something that I do not like or I do not get the result I want, we repeat the necessary takes and we keep the best one. In this case, it is a live show. Any harmonic mismatch or failure can be crucial to bring down a song or get to the top. And for that reason the work that I have made with c Each artist has been of vital importance and an experience for me. I have learned with them, I have been moved and I feel completely fulfilled, because I only have words of gratitude to each one of us who are part of this family of "fantasmikos".

A unique experience that has allowed us to discover a new facet of our composer and of course a masterpiece that most of his followers have described as "Rubén's best work to date".


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