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Happy Birthday!

Our dear composer Rubén celebrated his birthday yesterday surrounded by loved ones, showered with affection and greetings from colleagues, friends, and of course, followers. In a characteristic gesture of his closeness and with the intention of sharing this special moment, Rubén wanted to express his gratitude to all those who have supported and continue to support his career throughout these years.

Over the years, Rubén has captivated us with his emotionally charged soundtracks, showcasing his talent, charisma, and dedication to cinematic music. Reflecting on his career, he expressed his gratitude to his followers, acknowledging the pivotal role they have played.

"Every birthday message I have received has been a reminder of the constant support I have had over the years. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has accompanied me on this journey, for being an endless source of inspiration," commented the composer.

Seizing this significant and special date, he has taken the opportunity to announce exciting new projects on an international scale with pleasant surprises that will soon be revealed.

"A new beginning has just taken place in my career, and this is only the beginning of a chapter that will make a difference, full of music, creativity, and new opportunities."

With the firm conviction to continue creating music that reaches people's hearts, he prepares to embark on new creative adventures that promise to surprise and thrill. Among them, we not only highlight new soundtracks but also new releases and recordings very close to this announcement.

For those who wish to follow his career closely, we invite you to join him on his social networks, where he will continue to share his passion for music and his future projects.

Undoubtedly, Rubén's birthday has been a special celebration, highlighted by the affection and appreciation of family, colleagues, and followers.

Therefore, we send him our congratulations and best wishes from here."


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