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Los Fantasmas de mi Casa, on Campos

Los Fantasmas de mi Casa, ¡back to stage!

After its premiere in January at the prestigious Trui Teatre, we will once again enjoy this musical full of emotion and rhythm, beginning its tour of the entire Balearic scene.

And it is that this coming Saturday, April 09, they will land at the Teatre Escènic de Campos where they await them with great eagerness to enjoy these ghosts again.

It should be noted that the music, completely original, has been created by our composer Rubén, who is also not only one of the directors of the cast but also part of the team:

"My job in this project has not only been to compose the music; in addition to directing the actors and actresses in the musical part, all the technical part of the show falls on me. The sound is one of the key points of this show. The sound effects, atmospheres and songs must be adjusted perfectly, not only for the public, but also for the actors and actresses.Each theater is a new challenge since the acoustic and technical characteristics are different.Offering the best quality both for The cast as well as for the public is my job in each performance: preparing the microphones, adjusting volumes, inputs and outputs of effects... All a job that is not seen but that requires great concentration and knowing the show to the millimeter; without a doubt, a job that I enjoy every day and that never ceases to amaze me".

We're waiting for you all this coming Saturday at Campos, where tickets are already available at the following link.


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