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New release: Anecoica's soundtrack

We are in May, and we are celebrating! This Friday our beloved composer has a birthday and for this reason, he brings with him a gift for all his followers: the release of the Original Soundtrack of the film Anecoica!

The Soundtrack will be available on all digital platforms next Saturday, May 13, along with the premiere of the film.

"Anecoica is the first project in the horror/suspense genre that I have worked on. The project at the time was expensive to carry out due to the complexity of creating music to represent silence. For this, I carried out a process of investigation and listen to other horror and suspense titles, both at a cinematographic and sound level to have notions and know where to start.The most curious thing about this project to highlight, that after several scores that did not quite fit with the image or the essence, both Marcos, project director, like me, found the key: use and play with silence and environments. Such was the motivation for having found it, that the songs came out completely by themselves."

The album has eight songs among which we

can hear environments, sound effects, synthesizers and a chamber string section.

"When working on this Soundtrack I had to adapt to a type of instrumentation not usual in my work. Synthesizers, environments, sound effects, it was the main signature to be able to create that necessary atmosphere, achieving the essence that categorizes this film."


That same day, the official premiere will take place within the framework of the Horrorant Film Festival, located in Athens, Greece. The festival awards its first selection together with its projection that will take place between May 4 and 14.

Let's remember that Anechoica is about the quietest place in the world and a dark experiment wrapped in a suspenseful plot that horrifies the viewer.

We want to tell you that we have already been able to enjoy this new work, and our recommendation is the following: listen to this work recreating a silent and isolated space. Its atmosphere with its serious tonality will make you feel a real chill.


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