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The ghosts musical, rehearsals begin

A couple of weeks ago, the cast of actors and actresses of the musical "Los Fantasmas de mi Casa", started the first rehearsals, making the first readings of the script and making the directors of each department known. As director of the musical, we have Carlos Díaz, who together with Adriana Robles, are in charge of the choreography and dances. In the literary section we have Patrick Asensi, in charge of the scripts and lyrics along with the rest of the management team. Elisa Ribas, critic and administrator of the whole musical. At the controls of the acting and art direction, we have Romina Colotto (with whom Ruben has worked previously) and finally ... our composer, not only is responsible for creating the original music for this project, but also is the musical director!

A news that has astonished and that has made the composer return to the stage:

Rubén Gallardo giving a vocal lesson to part of the musical cast.
Rubén Gallardo giving a vocal lesson to part of the musical cast.

"The work of a composer always goes unnoticed; you spend hours, days, weeks and months working locked in the studio without keeping contact (most of the time) with the team, or even sometimes not even with the director. Creating the music for any musical project is always a solitary work and one has to assume that most of the time it is not a valued job. Every time you start a project, you create the soul of your story, you create its essence. So in part, you leave a little piece of your soul in each project".

"When I talked to Carlos almost a year ago about the project, it seemed to me a professional and even personal challenge. Creating the music for a live show, being totally original and innovative, was a major challenge. Months later, I am in the middle of the creative process and just a few days ago, I started rehearsals with the cast. Being part of the musical, working hand in hand, not only with the other directors but also with the actors and actresses, is wonderful because they trust you; they make you feel fulfilled and value your work. To be able to express with words in each rehearsal and to dictate the guidelines when singing or expressing the themes in the cast, makes you feel alive and wanting more. Without a doubt, I am delighted with the whole team; each one has something special but they all have one thing in common: they are a great family in which I have been made a part of".

We will closely follow the progress of the musical, its rehearsals and above all, its music!


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