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Back to the... studio!

After almost a year of rest, our composer returns to the studio to resume not only some pending projects, but also to welcome...

A "full stop" in which a cycle is closed, giving way to new beginnings and genres in which Rubén has been preparing and training to continue growing and improving in his career.

And it is that how could it be otherwise, this week we have visited the studio in which we have been able to learn about everything new that is to come:

"Throughout this year, it has been a stage in my life in which I decided to take a breath, rest and recharge my batteries to come back stronger than ever and offer a more renewed, fresher self with the desire to continue growing. Many times, we need to make a break, to then resume strongly and continue on the path. The journey is never easy, and the doors that close are often synonymous with frustration and disappointment; but there comes a time when what makes you move forward is the emotion, happiness and motivation to continue fighting in this world. If I have learned anything over these years, it is the happiness I feel when finishing a project; the emotion of seeing the result of weeks, months or years working on something until I get it right. the result, be the best, and as I always say, the soul of every film is its music, and my music is a piece of my soul".

Although we are practically in the final stretch of the year, Rubén has embarked on a series of musical projects beyond the big screen:

"The music for films always is and will be my passion. With it, it gives me the possibility to create, get excited and live experiences with its stories, its characters and to connect with all of it. Many times when I find myself in the studio working, I am lucky enough to being able to feel inside myself what the scene requires, what the moment asks for, and therefore, then transmit it with music, is something that I cannot do with anything else.However, there are some other musical facets that have always called me attention and that this year, I not only return with great pleasure, but they arrive with the illusion of staying".

Because in addition, one of the novelties in which the composer is working, is the recording of two studio albums, and one of them, with a pleasant surprise:

"I have been working on a project together with friends and colleagues in the profession in which, with great pleasure, I will return to the stage for next year 2023; this fills me with enthusiasm and satisfaction to see how after almost two and a half years of work , it's time to show it. But that will be very soon!"

Leaving aside the direct part and the recording, what can you tell us about the cinema?

"In this new cycle, taking up my film work again, I have chosen to work in a different way when it comes to composing. Working together with the directors, I carry out a process of investigation and musical stage integration, in which under some "instructions" from timing and duration, I try to be the one who creates, nuances and exposes what I feel in the image and accompanying the director's opinion, I create each piece in detail for each moment, and this has led me to face new projects of new genres , experimenting with new sounds but without giving up my orchestral signature".

Recently the composer has finished one of his commissions and as far as we can tell you, for the rest of the year, he has another four soundtracks scheduled. Nevertheless, will we have releases this year?

"Everything is possible! I cannot confirm that this year we are going to have a full launch, but there will be some brushstrokes. Most of these, among other surprises, will come prepared for the next year 2023, but before the end of this year , you will be able to discover some of the projects in which I will be working".

As always, we have enjoyed being able to chat again with Rubén and, above all, learn more about the projects he is working on, the works that are to come and we can only tell you... how excited we are to see, hear and be moved by him! all that is to come!

And of course... being able to tell you everything in detail!


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