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New release!

After the visit to the composer's studio last weekend, in the interview, we announced a new release and we can now make it official...

The Original Soundtrack of the film "Moderna", prepares its release available on all digital platforms.

One of the first works of this comic genre in which Rubén created a score reflecting the laughability of the story and the tenderness of his characters.

The Soundtrack is made up of 13 songs performed by a symphony orchestra, in which the melodies play with changing tempos, instruments intertwining notes as if it were a children's race and, as always, the sweet union of the entire orchestra in its beautiful melodies.

One of the most worked scores of the composer and that very soon, will be available to all his followers.

It should be noted that Rubén has confirmed that his team is working on the launch (date to be confirmed) in digital format. However, at the moment it is unknown if it will be available in physical format, although they have assured us that they have a surprise prepared...


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