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Update 2023

A few weeks ago we welcomed summer and our composer is fully working in the studio on his upcoming productions and releases.

The entire team is immersed in the final mix of the film "Spring" after finishing the recording last June:

"Despite being a short-lived project, Rubén has devoted himself to this project for months, creating a musical work that magically comes to life" - Rafa. Sound technician.

The animation, produced by Blender Studios, is a project launched for all those composers who want to put their music and rewrite musical history, at the discretion of each composer. A curious fact about this project is that it is a "silent" animation which does not include dialogue between its characters beyond the sound effects and sounds that its protagonists can make.

That is why music gains even more strength and importance to be able to transcribe everything that happens in the image only with music.

Thus, this new project is part of the composer's first animation, adding yet another genre to his collection.

Regarding the album, the date for its release is still unknown, although we have been assured that it is within the schedule of scheduled releases.

In addition to the mix of this new soundtrack, we have been able to find out that both Rubén and his team are working hard, not only on new productions, but on a project that has been on the table for years and that they have begun to " give the first brushstrokes".

Said project, which is kept secret, has begun to take shape in its production phase and which is called "7Seasons". At the moment we do not have much information, although they have assured us that it is something that Rubén has been working on for years and that "finally, it will see the light. We just need to wait a little longer."

For now, and even if we have to wait, we bring you this little surprise...

Will you be able to find out something?


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