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Los Fantasmas de mi Casa, Album!

The end of summer is approaching and it comes loaded with new projects and surprises, among them, we are going back into the house of the Ghosts!

This fall, the musical returns to the Palma Auditorium on December 8, 9 and 10.

What would you do if the house you just moved into had... ghosts inside?

Pablo is about to discover that sometimes you don't have to see to believe.

Tickets are now available on the auditorium's website or access directly through this link.

Today we announce that the entire cast is already recording the studio album!

"After its release last year, I decided to leave a gap in time regarding the album. There was a great desire, not only on the part of the cast, but of the entire production team to carry out the recording, however, it was necessary to make a break in order to find improvements not only in the vocal part, but also in the musical part; compared to the songs that sounded for the first time on stage, all the songs have been arranged improving these."

Los Fantasmas de mi Casa, created and directed by Carlos Díaz, premiered in January 2022, touring most of the Mallorcan territory, including the Trui Teatre and the Palma Auditorium.

"Performing on stages like the Trui Teatre or the Auditorium of Palma, makes you want to give everything, in the best possible way and that each performance remains in the memory, not only of the spectators, but in the memory of oneself. In my case, my day to day work takes place in the studio, in front of a screen with the piano, between scores, musicians and recording sessions. With this project, I faced the challenge of the live performance, from a technical aspect and that all the sound part works perfectly with each other; and this, I love it!"

Rubén has not only the composer of all the original songs of the musical. Together with Carlos Díaz, he is the music director, technical director of the show and live sound technician. All a hard work of gearing so that all the pieces of the "clock" fit perfectly.

Let's talk about the album. Why did it take so long to bring this project to fruition?

"Due to other professional commitments within the film industry, I couldn't find dates to be able to produce this album the way it deserved; that's why I had to postpone the recording and production of this one until the end of other film projects that are already in post-production, which has given me a space in the agenda to be able to carry it out."

The recordings began last week in Rubén's studio, who is also in charge of recording, mixing and producing the entire studio album.

"I am especially excited to be in charge of the whole process of this album. It is my first musical, which made me embark fully on something that I had never even considered doing before; that is why this feeling makes me want to take charge of the whole process and give it the love under my sound and technical point of view".

For the moment, singers Jorge Perín, Alexandra Muñoz and María Marín (part of the musical) have already visited the studio. The rest of the cast is expected to visit the studio in the coming weeks.

"Right now we are in the middle of the recording process; we have about two months of recording scheduled and hope to finish it shortly into the fall. Once we have everything recorded, post-production will begin to assemble vocals with instrumentation."

What about the launch date?

"The idea is that we will have the album finished by this year, although it depends on many professional factors."

We will follow the production of this album very closely and will keep you informed of any progress, here are some images of the recordings!


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