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Spring, ¡comes to an end!

This past weekend the final mix of the Soundtrack of the film "Spring" finished.

"Spring has been an adventure, full of nuances and hard work in its composition"

This is the first work of the animation genre in which Rubén has invested all his effort in enhancing every detail of the project:

"I had never worked on an animation project before and honestly, I didn't think it would be that thorough. In a matter of seconds, you find yourself in a softer moment, musically speaking, and suddenly, we move into action. There are many details that the music has to enhance, movements, gestures, scene changes... the behavior of its characters and what happens, has little to do with live action projects, therefore, it has required me to prepare and dedicate myself thoroughly during months to be able to offer the best of myself at all times".

Spring, produced by Blender Studios, is a project launched for all those composers who want to put their music and rewrite musical history, under the criteria of each composer. A curious fact about this project is that it is a "silent" animation which does not include dialogue between its characters beyond the sound effects and sounds that its protagonists can make.

"I've had a great time with this project. It's been like traveling back to my childhood and playing through the music and its characters, which I've connected with, bringing out the child that I carry inside."

The release of the Soundtrack is scheduled to arrive this coming Autumn, so we hope to be able to announce its exact date shortly.

¡Congratulations Rubén!


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