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Revealing the secrets...

Last week, we announced one of the new projects that Rubén is working on, the Spring Soundtrack.

Therefore, we sneak into the studio to find out more about this new work...

"Spring is my first animation work, which has meant that I had to do my best to achieve the expected result. There are many nuances that must be highlighted with the music, we are not only talking about its leitmotiv or the accompaniment that takes place in the background in their scenes. In this case, we have to emphasize every movement, every change and action and it requires a lot of dedication and precision in every note."

Spring is an animated film produced by Blender Studios and directed by Andreas Goralczyk. As we mentioned, when this project was created, its purpose was for composers from all over the world to be able to work on it, creating their music from different perspectives, genres and forms of composition. This provides an opportunity for anyone, like Ruben, to bring his creativity to a new film genre.

"All these years back in my career, I always wanted to be able to create music of this genre. It is a very complex job and at the same time fun, since it is like playing. You start to compose a base on which you are inspired by the project and you create its leitmotiv, but it's not enough for this kind of work. Suddenly you play a note due to an action, you add a percussive effect and at first at the moment of its creation, you see that it doesn't make sense. You ask yourself what's playing? However, you fix the music scene a bit more, color something else and let it sit. You come back, listen to it and say… I want to keep playing!"

We have been lucky enough to be able to listen to some of the songs from this new project and we only hope to hear this beautiful complete story in which its protagonists, a young adventurer and her intrepid puppy, enter a frozen forest full of magic...


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