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Nana, teaser composition

These days Rubén has signed the Soundtrack for the teaser of the film "Nana" by filmmaker Marcos Callejo.

The film, which is set in Mallorca, focuses on Martín, a young painter played by Gelabert and who has been experiencing a creative crisis for some time. The artist maintains a good relationship with his grandmother, whom he calls Nana. He decides to listen to the advice of his relative and goes to some classes in which he falls in love with another young man, even though Martín has bride

Currently the film is in the development and financing phase with its sights set on the big screen.

"It is a very personal, ambitious and dramatic project. The three perfect ingredients to make it shine. Marcos has been working on the script for years, studying every detail. Regarding all of this, regarding his music, it is my favorite genre and to which "For a long time, we have been talking about what the future Soundtrack will be. Although at the moment, I cannot reveal many details about it, I can say that the teaser shows a clear identification of what the film will be."

Very soon we will be able to enjoy the teaser and we hope to receive news about the start of filming!


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